A downloadable game for Windows

Prepare yourself to become a Time Lord!

Deep in the vast regions of space lies a planet concealed within the inner ring of a solar system. Across the planet, there is a tent emerged within the sands of eternity. This is the Outpost Planet, created by none other than Farien, the Spellblade of the West Galaxy.

After the Time Lords were extinguished from existence, the people of the universe had to defend themselves in their own way. Now with the arrival of the Master, this thought became a reality. The Master, a powerful mystical Time Lord, arose from the grave along with his army of demons. They promised nothing but fear and terror for the people.

However, deep within the time vortex, a lone TARDIS, encrusted with the impenetrable shields of atron energy, flies towards the Outpost Planet. Within it contained nothing but fear and terror... for The Master!


  • Detailed Tardis
  • Full control over Tardis Travel
  • Attend Time Lord Classes

Install instructions

In order to play this game you will need to download the RPG Maker VX ACE RTP.

Once you have the RTP installed, you can play my games, AND any other RPG Maker VX Ace game without having to download the RTP again.

To download the RTP Click Here.

Once you have the RTP installed, you can simply download my game and play.


Timelord Origins.exe 36 MB